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We are a creative young software company with a core team of skilled people with more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. Product vision, user experience, technical brilliance and a balanced perspective for your overall business success is our constant mission. We don't want to be just your software supplier, we want to understand your business and offer our ideas and perspective during the building process for one reason - to help you to be successful. It means identifying problems and providing solutions. This is our top priority.

Computer Programming


Tell us your vision, your business needs, and we will take care of the rest. We focus on every single detail in the software development process to deliver quality experiences and results. We will deliver. Period. No empty words, no boring and useless stuff. Our dominant expertise lies in the following proved technologies with many years of real hands-on experience: iOS (Swift, SwiftUI), Android (Xamarin), RESTful API (C#, NodeJS), Web frontend (Angular), Cloud technologies (Azure, Docker), Databases (SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB). Using these technology building blocks, we can cover most of today's projects. However, we can apply more if there is a match with your project requirements. The choice of the final technologies used depends on the specific requirements for functionality, performance, security and the customer's existing technological environment.

We have these main areas of interest:

Phone App

Mobile applications

Powerful and modern applications for Android and iOS in native style.

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Web applications

Full stack development capabilities for all your types of projects.

Home Control App

IoT - Smart Home

Simply our passions. We can provide technical solutions so your really enjoy your smart home.


Desktop applications

Can sound old, but still alive! Desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

What is a typical project we can help you with?

  • Mobile apps from A to Z: design, development (iOS, Android), full coverage of administration on AppStore and Google Play, analytics, etc.

  • Develop stable and robust backend for various purposes

  • Applications running in the browser, e.g. systems for reservations, registrations, kiosk, on-line payments, data-driven app, graphics dashboards, data analysis, adminstrations portals, etc.

  • We can also provide integration of SW/HW according your needs

  • and more...


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KlubRadio iOS app

Internet radio app for iOS serving thousands of listeners every day.


IBD Fighter

IBD Fighter is a mobile application (for iPhone and Android platforms) that tracks and automatically analyzes the health status of people with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). 



MedRep is a platform for your digital medical research. You can launch your own digital research study using modern technologies in a few minutes.


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