247Gym Reservation System

PRAGUE, 2024
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Jakub Kašpar

Our vision for self-service fitness studios became a reality thanks to our partnership with Wootera. With limited time for implementation, we needed expertise and passion for our idea. Wootera team exceeded expectations in every way: their team demonstrated top professionalism and a genuine interest in the success of our business. Working with them guarantees success, and we look forward to continuing our journey.

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247Gym introduces an innovative fitness concept where members can book personal training time in a 24/7 equipped environment. Thanks to the technological platform, each fitness experience is fully personalized and private, allowing clients to train without interruption and tailored to their needs. The project emphasizes flexibility and adaptability in today's fast-paced lifestyle while providing safe and comfortable access to quality fitness equipment.


The 247Gym platform is built on modern technologies using EcmaScript for both the front-end and back-end, and a modern relational database. Everything is deployed in the cloud, which ensures stable and secure operation around the clock. Thanks to this, the system accepts orders, processes payments and generates entry codes for customers completely automatically, even at night. The solution is integrated with the leading payment gateway on the Czech market, as well as SMS gateway, e-mail gateway and smart lock for numeric code. We collaborated with the client on the proven MVP (Minimum Viable Product) principle, focusing on the key elements for a quick business start and gradually expanding the system based on feedback.

Branding for 247GymBranding for 247GymBranding for 247Gym

Logo & Branding

In addition to the technological development, we crafted a comprehensive branding strategy for 247Gym, including the creation of a unique logo and visual identity. These elements reflect the project's innovative approach and enhance the overall user experience, seamlessly integrating with the digital platform we developed.

Hockey Management System

Prague, 2023
HMS Desktop Screenshot
HMS Desktop Screenshot
HMS Desktop Screenshot
HMS Desktop Screenshot
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Prague Hockey Masters

Petr Urban

We were looking for an IT partner capable of redesigning our system from the ground up according to our demanding requirements. Wootera has a team of excellent experts who, thanks to their years of experience in the field, can create truly perfect solutions. If you are seeking a company that can produce secure, reliable, and robust software, I highly recommend Wootera.

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HMS is an innovative platform designed to simplify and optimize the management of amateur hockey leagues. It offers a hassle-free and efficient system that eases all administrative and organizational tasks from game scheduling to statistics and scoring management. With HMS comes a fresh and modern approach to hockey league management, emphasizing usability, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to community needs, all while maintaining the highest standards of data security and protection. HMS is not just a technological solution, it is a platform that actively connects the hockey community and strengthens the spirit of the sport.


HMS is built on a solid and modern technological foundation. It utilizes the React framework for a smooth and responsive frontend and backend, complemented by the Azure SQL database, which ensures reliable and efficient data management. A key aspect of this solution was the creation of a user-friendly interface (UX), ensuring high performance, reliability, and responsiveness of the platform. All these allow seamless and trouble-free management of amateur hockey leagues regardless of the number of users or matches. Great attention was also paid to the architecture, making it possible to easily expand the system in the future according to specific needs and requirements.

Reservation System for DarkSide Movement

Prague, 2023
Reservation System 
for DarkSide Movement
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DarkSide Movement

Robin Viktora

After facing issues with our original reservation system provider, we turned to Wootera in the spring of 2023. They quickly took over the system and optimized it to perfection in a short period. We are now able to enhance it efficiently with them. We appreciate their professionalism, technical expertise, prompt responses, and personable approach. Wootera is an excellent choice as an IT partner!

DarkSide Movement Reservation System Mobile MockupDarkSide Movement Reservation System Mobile MockupDarkSide Movement Reservation System Mobile Mockup
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We took over the reservation system for DarkSide Movement at an advanced stage of development and have been continuously improving it since. With every update, whether functional or visual, we advance the system further. This is evidenced by the positive feedback from gym users who praise the system for its clarity, reliability, and ease of use. It allows them to easily book lessons, purchase memberships, and actively engage in the DarkSide Movement community.


The system comprises numerous components ensuring its comprehensive functionality, including reliable email dispatch, payment gateway integration, and accounting software, eliminating manual administrative work. Technologically, the system is built on an SQL database, a robust NodeJS backend, a Vue.JS user interface, and hosting elements on Heroku and Vercel platforms.

BOB Festival Ticketing System

BOB Festival Ticketing System Desktop Screenshot
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BOB Festival

Levente Tibad

Teaming up with Wootera was brilliant! Together, we crafted a ticket reservation system that flawlessly embodied our custom design vision. Paired with a secure credit card payment integration and streamlined notifications, they guaranteed a smooth experience for our attendees. And as they took care of the hosting, we focused entirely on creating festival magic. Wootera? We'd choose them again in a heartbeat!

BOB Festival Ticketing System Mobile ScreenshotBOB Festival Ticketing System Mobile ScreenshotBOB Festival Ticketing System Mobile ScreenshotBOB Festival Ticketing System Mobile Screenshot
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Our company is proudly contributing to the revival of the dance scene in Budapest by creating a sophisticated reservation system, specially designed for purchasing tickets to the local salsa festival. This custom-developed system is focused on smooth, efficient, and trouble-free ticket purchasing management, providing a quick and easy way to reserve your spot at the festival. With the help of our system, securing tickets becomes a matter of a few simple steps, allowing customers to devote more time to planning their festival experience. Thanks to our technology, we aim to transform your ticket purchasing into a smooth and carefree process.


BOB Ticketing System is the epitome of modern tech meets user convenience. Powered by the robust combination of ReactJS for its interactive interface, NodeJS ensuring swift backend operations, and the dependable Azure SQL database for trustworthy data management, this system is a masterpiece. Central to BOB's appeal is its responsive and mobile-friendly user interface, understanding that a majority of ticket-goers make their purchases online. Coupled with a seamless integration with a payment gateway, the user experience is elevated, ensuring quick and hassle-free ticket reservations. As we always do, extensive hours were devoted to testing, cementing an always flawless user experience.